Friday, June 3, 2011

Hot Summer Days

The girls love to have their good pals, Wyatt and Chip, over for play dates. Here they are enjoying a popsicle on a hot, summer day.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let's Play

Nearly every day when I get home from work, this is what we do. Mommy changes, the girls put on their bathing suits and we play outside in the pool and sandbox. It's living!

Monday, May 30, 2011


Phew, we've been busy! We hosted our friends Brian, Lynn and Baby Morgan for several days last week before their big move to California. Then, we had the Davis' stay over. We had guests for 5 of the last 7 days. Of course, no pictures were taken during this time. I don't know why! It was just busy, but so fun.

Other happenings...Evelyn is doing great with potty training. We had a backup nanny for 2 days (Angela has to take vacation too!) and she did not want to go for her. So, she put her in a diaper. I was pretty upset and worried we'd have to start over. I have no idea why she didn't just put her in a pull-up after several accidents, but as soon as I came home we went back to underware and all was well. The second day, Evelyn had 1 accident and she then sat on the potty for her. So, much better. All was great the entire long weekend. Not one accident. This girl even asks to get out of the pool and bathtub to go. Impressive.

Sylvia is addicted to stickers! She's quite noisy when she wakes up from naps, so I give her paper and stickers to play with in bed if it's before 2 hours. We haven't been to the libary in a few weeks and she is bored of all her books. This tactic has been working. She's mostly covered in stickers all day. It's hilarious.

We enjoyed a trip to our neighbhorhood pool this weekend and they loved it. It's a 5 minute walk from our house. An hour in the pool, then lunch, and home for 2.5 hour nap was the right way to start Memorial day!

Mommy and Daddy have selected a contractor for the patio project and work will begin in about a week. It will be about 1,000 sqft patio with 2 sitting walls made of pennsylvania blue stone on the floor (cut in geometric shapes) and dry stacked granite on the walls. There will also be a nearly 8' wide dry stacked granite fireplace and steps leading up to the driveway. We are also covering up the stairway and floor that leads to the basement to help finish the look, along with post lights and lights along the stairs. It should be pretty cool when finished. The patio there now really is way too small for the yard and it's just a few flagstones thrown on the grass, so we have grass that grows through it, etc. It was obviously not a focus for the previous owners. We are also putting in a travertine backsplash and potentially painting the kitchen. David is pushing hard to put in an inground pool one day. We'll just have to see about that. Definitely only after the girls are excellent swimmers and only if it has a retractable pool cover. I think he's crazy, personally.

I will upload some pictures and videos this week. David's travel/away schedule is picking up again and our visitors have tapered off...should be back to "normal" soon.

Typical Weekend Morning

The weekend mornings are laid back. We get ready to go somewhere by around 10am, but before that we do chores and play; for example, (make two deck boxes), make pies, put stickers all over daddy, and obsess about foam stickers they spend countless hours obsessing over (so much so I took them away).