Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Duper Fun - Snow Tubing and Water Park

We took a bit of an impromptu trip to Massanutten, which is a resort about 2.5 hours south-west from DC.  We had a blast at the water park (little Miss Sylvia is fearless on these huge slides!) and snow tubing.  The tubing requirements were kids had to be 36" tall, so they beat it by 3 whole inches (if that).  After a few trips down with their tube tied to one of ours, they went solo over and over and over. We got going seriously fast and they LOVED IT!  It was loads of fun!  I was super impressed how brave they were.

We decided to save the skiing for Aspen.  We figure its best to put them on skis where the snow is real and the instructors are the best!

I took one picture on the iPad, but it's not worth the hassle of uploading!