Sunday, April 7, 2013

Long Awaited Aspen Pictures

What a trip (March 22nd - 28th).  The girls were SO GOOD!  They are great skiiers and champion cross-country travelers.

Highlights --
*Traveling with our good friends Kristin and Rick, and their kids Kaitlyn (3.5) and Ryan (16 months).
*Skiing for 4 days - ski school for the girls for all 4 days.  They are level 3 skiiers and can ski down green runs all by themselves.
*Going on a snowcat to a 150 year old cabin for dinner and entertainment.  Their ski instructor, Barb, was the entertainment!
*Staying in an awesome 5 bedroom one level penthouse condo where the elevator opened to our residence.
*Not having to drive once!
*Amazing apres ski to include cocktails and munchies daily at 4pm!
*Swimming outside in heated pools when it was COLD!
*Eating smores and singing songs by the fire.
*Getting massages and relaxing.
*Going to the TOP of the mountain and skiing all the way down the last day.  Well, must mention, skiied OFF trail, wiped out, ski popped out and got a mega altitude headache.
*Smooth flights, little whining, good sleeping, good eating.
**AMAZING!   We said we hope to go back every spring break, but we forgot we've promised to take the girls to Disney for their 5th birthday.  Instead we're going to Snowshoe WVA to ski after Christmas.  **