Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sylvia Is Grounded

The girls have been becoming very independent lately.  They will go down to the basement and keep themselves occupied playing together for a good while.  However, it's almost always doing crafts.  Messy crafts.  They like to paint with water on the chalk board and spill it everywhere.  They take out paints they shouldn't and paint (meaning they climb on a stool to the stop shelf of our craft tower and get it).  Besides a little mess, it's been a good thing.  Well, Sunday, Sylvia disappeared.  I found her with a RED sharpe permanent marker (taken from Daddy's desk drawer) and she MARKED on the wall in the powder room.  THANK GOODNESS it wasn't on my new wallpaper!  She did a nice big squiggle on the white window trim.  Oh man, not good.  Magic eraser took care of most of it.  She sat in time out for 7 minutes = double the normal time out + 1 minute because I WAS HEATED! 

So, Sylvia is not allowed to use markers for one week. 

She's such a goof.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

No Pictures Update

We have been having a lot of fun lately and taking NO pictures.
  • As soon as Daddy returned from 2 weeks in Europe, we had friends from Indiana come stay with us (Hollee, Max-age 10, and Meena-age 8).  They were loads of fun! 
  • We've been to the pool A LOT!  At least 2-3 times during the week and every Saturday and Sunday. The girls love it.  They don't wear life jackets any more and love to swim around with their noodle.
  • The girls went to their first baseball game. The highlight was having ice cream.  It was 91 degrees afterall.  They were troopers.
  • Grandpa sent (without parental approval) a 15 ft trampoline.  It's safety netted.  It was finally fully constructed late last night and the girls will surely be jumping on it all day today!
  • We've caught up with lots of friends (playdates for kids and adults).
  • We've had our portraits taken for Father's Day (big reveal coming soon!)
  • We are renting a lake house at Deep Creek Lake this weekend Thursday - Sunday with some friends.