Thursday, September 13, 2012

Trip To Michigan

Over labor day and Mommy's birthday we visited Granny, Grammommy, Gramps and Uncle Kirk at the cottage in Michigan.  We had a blast!!!   I can't express enough how much that little cottage has meant to me in my life.  I have such fond memories with my Granny, Grandad, brothers and cousin!  Next summer can't come fast enough for us to return! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1st Day of School Class Report

Email sent from Mrs MacLeod to all parents.  FYI, Becky is the assistant.  Evelyn and Sylvia were featured in 6 of the 7 pictures she sent.

As Becky said "Today was awesome!" I couldn't agree more. Your children were truly delightful and seemed to be enjoying themselves throughout the morning. They were interacting with each other and having a good time from when we were inside the classroom to the times we were on the playground. When we came together as a group for our first circle time to go over the day's schedule and learn each other's names they were attentive and caught on to the routine right away and also when I read How Do Dinosaurs Go to  School? by Jane Yolen. Of course today was the first day and this was all new and exciting so please if your child seems to change his/her mind about school over the next week or so don't panic they are just realizing that this just isn't a one time event. But we hope to make each day they come to St. Aidan's fun and exciting. 

On Wednesday we will go to our first Chapel at 9:30 and they will be introduced to the "Banjo Man" (Rev. John Baker) who will teach them some wonderful songs and stories. We will also be finger painting that day so please dress your child to get messy. They will be painting their shape/color. Also with this great weather we will be outside just enjoying ourselves.  

As always if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email/call me. I am here for you.

Below are some pictures taken today so you might see what we were doing!! 

Take care.

Mary Olivia

Monday, September 10, 2012

Note from Mrs MacLeod

This is what Mrs MacLeod said about the girls first day.  I gave her a heads up Sylvia likes to "try" things she shouldn't.  Sure enough, it was my kid eating the playdough on the first day.  I asked Sylvia about it and she said "Mommy it was gushy, I thought it might taste good.  It was very yucky."


The girls had a fabulous day and you would never know that they have never been in a preschool environment.  Evelyn was a bit more reserved  than Sylvia when we went out on the playground the first time but we walked around she found her sister and Charlotte [Charlotte is the next door neighbhor] so she was happy. The second time we were outside all five girls from the class were playing together with a large tub and having a great time!! 

Funny you should mention Sylvia and her fingers in her mouth. I caught her a couple of times doing it and even trying out the play dough. When I said that wasn't such a good thing to put in her mouth she immediately stopped but we will keep an eye on her hands in mouth. So you know -- the play dough is edible since we make it at school but I doubt it tastes very good but have seen many a child pick up little pieces and put it in their mouths and never spit it out. We do wash hands a lot and there is a sink in the classroom which the children were already using today.  
Take care and I am so very excited to have Sylvia and Evelyn in this year's class. They are wonderful additions.

Mary Olivia

First Day of School

They were so ready to start the 3 day 3s program at St Aidan's (9am-Noon) on September 10th!  No tears and LOTS of excitement!  It took all of 5 minutes to walk through the woods to the school next door.  They had their school-assigned, but personalized to make them stand out, tote bags.  They quickly found their name and shape, said "bye", and walked into the classroom.  What big girls we have!!!