Thursday, July 12, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Friends

The girls' pals, Anna and Noah (also twins!) are moving away to San Antonio, Texas and we are sad.  Of course, no one was sad when they were munching down extra yummy cupcakes.  I think Evelyn was a little miffed I didn't give them a whole cupcake and they had to share.  ha! 

White House 4th of July

What a spectacular time!  We are so lucky to spend it on the south lawn of the White House!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Pet

Our backup nanny, Miss Jennifer, was awesome.  She is a kindergarten teacher and did a great job with the girls.  She brought her own crafts and had lots of fun activities for them.  On her last day, she brought her classroom pet, Snookums the hamster.  The girls were in LOVE.  When I got home, she was telling us how she was going to Denmark for 2 weeks and I offered to watch the hamster for her.  So, we have a new pet until August 1st.  So fun! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Lot's of Happenings

Here's what we've been up to:
  • We have spent a LOT of time at the pool since it opened. Evelyn loves to slide down the slide and swim back up.  They are both asking to be let go so they can swim to the ladder from several feet away.  They LOVE using kickboards and jumping in.  David is convinced they will be full on swimming by the end of the summer.  Gone are the days of using their puddle jumper life jackets and entering the baby pool. 
  • Angela is on vacation -- yeah for her for taking one full week off!  She's in FL and GA.  Mommy took off Thursday (and already had off Friday).  We have a back up nanny Monday-Wednesday.  She's with White House Nannies and a kindergaten school teacher!  Here's a picture she emailed me after praising their sorting and counting (she will learn they've been doing this for a long time...they were probably bored).
  • We have a British Soccer Coach staying with us through the Challenger Sports Program. They bring nearly 1,000 coaches in for the summer. Phillipa is very sweet and is staying with us 2 weeks.  The girls are enrolled in the camp next week. 
  • Mommy started week 2 of a 16 week Marathon training program.  She's running the Marine Corps Marathon on October 28th!