Monday, October 14, 2013

Sylvia Broke Her Arm

You know what they say about monkeys jumping on the bed...well, Sylvia didn't break her head, she broke her left arm. 

Well, on Saturday evening, after watching a movie in the basement and while Mommy cleaned up dinner, Sylvia and Evelyn fashioned a lily pad leap game jumping from a side table, to a swivel ottoman, to a glider rocker.  She slipped and fell jumping off the table. 

When it happened, she cried, but calmed down quickly after putting it on ice and giving her some Motrin.  She went to bed like normal and didn't wake all night.  The next morning she complained the arm hurt, but wasn't crying.  We though she bruised or sprained it, icing it again and giving her more Motrin. 

We set off for Mt Vernon where she ran around, but complained a bit about her left arm.  We went to lunch and we decided she probably needed to go to the emergency room.  So, we went.  They did an x-ray and told me she buckle fractured her radius (top bone in arm) and was outfitted with a temporary splint/cast and a sling. 

The next morning we went to the orthopaedist and they confirmed her arm was broken and outfitted her with a cool cast!  It's waterproof and will be on 4 weeks.  Thankfully, she didn't injure the growth pad in the arm and it will heal up very easily and quickly.  She can still swim, but she has to take it easy on the climbing, which is the worst! 

She's been a total rock star.  We even went to a pumpkin patch to get pumpkins when we got back from the hospital.  She's super proud of her cast!    I will post more pictures as it becomes designed by her friends and family. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Grammommy's Visit

Grammommy visited over Columbus weekend and we had a fun time.  Some of the highlights included being guest reader for their class at school; going to Children's museum, Baltimore Aquarium, and Mt Vernon; building a volcano; spending a rainy day playing games, baking and doing crafts; and Sylvia breaking her arm (separate post to follow).  Here are some pictures.