Thursday, March 1, 2012


Why, why, why???? A quick flavor for it here (before my camera ran out of space!)

Cute Recent Pictures

Don't you love their new sunglasses. How perfect -- blue and pink!

Sylvia is a hoarder and has to take many things everywhere.

The girls LOVED helping Daddy make a fire and then roasting and eating marshmallows on Sunday!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Busy Girls

If you're curious, here's what the girls were up to in February and what they will be doing in March, here are the calendars Angela put together. Every morning at breakfast they ask "what am I doing today." This calendar only includes the morning activities with Angela and doesn't include swimming and soccer on the weekends, plus all the weekday playdates Mommy plans. For explanation, Sherwood is the local library where they have all sorts of fun programs; Tavern Toddlers is a program at Gadsby's Tavern in Old Town; Windmill Hill and Grist Mill are parks/playgrounds; and Bounce House is a place that has tons of large indoor inflatables.

Below is their program for the week (it's sorted by day of the week and activity):

Gumball Painting
Gumball cut and paste
Easel fingerpainting
Coloring page
Gumball machine suncatcher
Gumball man
Ring around the rosey
Pop goes the weasle
Jack and Jill
Hokey Pokey
Things that start with G
G pom pom page
G dot page - stamps
Gumball couting
G lace card
Gumball Patterns
Size sort
Gumball Letter match
Gumball puzzle
Capital/Lowercase sort
Color by number*
Color Matching
Writing practice
ziplock letters
ABC Flash Card
Number Flash Card
Color Matching
Counting Objects
Week Review

Mommy is a Princess?!

The girls are very much into Princesses, especially Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Snow White. Two days this week I have worn dresses to work and Sylvia says, "Mommy, your dress is so pretty. You look like a princess. Do a twirl." Evelyn said today (before Sylvia) "Mommy, you look like Snow White."

Gotta tell you, I wasn't so into princesses growing up (factor of having brothers probably), but at 37 years old, I will gladly accept my daughters telling me I look like one! So sweet.

Also, the unsolicited "I love you so much" even when Sylvia is covered in vomit (see previous post) makes your heart melt.

Breaking Bad Habits

I always joke that David traveling gives Mommy the opportunity to break bad habits. The latest focus has been Evelyn banging on her door (waking up early and at bed time) and Sylvia waking up the whole house in the middle of the night with tears and claims of a "bad dream." We have a good reward system (they earn 7 magnets they get a prize), but Evelyn wasn't enticed. Unfortuntely, Mommy's mad face had to come out and the good old time out approach broke Evelyn of her banging. We also have a light on a timer for her at night (I think part of her difficulty was her transition to the toddler bed and perhaps a fear of the dark), which has helped. She also used to get very upset when she spilled milk or we switched milk cups or plates. Now she calmly communicates "whoops, let's clean that up" or "Mommy, you switched our cups." Smoothing out the ups and downs has been a challenge, but she's doing great. A few solid days of focus and we did it!

As for little Sylvia...she's a drama queen. She would wake up and decide she needed to cry, scream and yell for no apparent reason (the bad dream excuse often happens when she's awake's just her excuse for bad behavior). I also told her she would get a time out if she cried anymore at night for no reason. Last night, I heard her make a little cry and then quickly quieted down. I asked her about it this AM and she said "Mommy, I cried a little bit, but then went right back to sleep."

Success. Life is good at the Romleys. Mommy and Daddy get along so well when the girls are happy and we are rested. Yeah!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

G is For Gumballs

This week's letter is Gg for Gumballs. Here they are painting with gumballs (or marbles). Angela said it was a huge hit and they could have done it all day! So fun!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Broken Camera, Stomach Bug, Latest Happenings

Sorry I haven't posted, but my point and shoot camera is no longer working, my flip video broke long ago (the one Grandpa loaned is a decent subsitute, but fills up after just a few short videos), and Sylvia went from fever to a cold to the stomach bug. Taking pictures hasn't been a priority!

We had to cancel all of our weekend plans with friends (sorry Jones and Turners) for fear one of us was just incubating the stomach bug/flu Sylvia had on Friday early; we didn't want to be in close proximity to friends. Thankfully besides feeling a little queasy, all of us remained healthy (besides the cold Mommy and Angela have been trying hard to beat). Therefore, the weekend consisted of soccer, a pedicure for Mommy (all the running has done a number on those toes!), swimming, and lots of backyard playtime. On Sunday we started a fire and roasted marshmallows. I did get some pictures, but haven't had time to load!

The big news is that we are preparing the girls for our trip to Aspen! Mommy and Daddy are escaping for 5 nights and 6 days to relax, reconnect, and wake up on our OWN timeline. Oh yeah, we will get a lot of skiing in too. Angela is watching the girls and has a week filled with fun activities (no different than usual) and an overnight visit from her Mom (the girls LOVE Pam, especially Evelyn...they have a very cute connection). We leave Sunday and return Friday, which will allow Angela some much needed R&R upon our return. We are very excited and grateful she is willing to do it.