Monday, February 27, 2012

Broken Camera, Stomach Bug, Latest Happenings

Sorry I haven't posted, but my point and shoot camera is no longer working, my flip video broke long ago (the one Grandpa loaned is a decent subsitute, but fills up after just a few short videos), and Sylvia went from fever to a cold to the stomach bug. Taking pictures hasn't been a priority!

We had to cancel all of our weekend plans with friends (sorry Jones and Turners) for fear one of us was just incubating the stomach bug/flu Sylvia had on Friday early; we didn't want to be in close proximity to friends. Thankfully besides feeling a little queasy, all of us remained healthy (besides the cold Mommy and Angela have been trying hard to beat). Therefore, the weekend consisted of soccer, a pedicure for Mommy (all the running has done a number on those toes!), swimming, and lots of backyard playtime. On Sunday we started a fire and roasted marshmallows. I did get some pictures, but haven't had time to load!

The big news is that we are preparing the girls for our trip to Aspen! Mommy and Daddy are escaping for 5 nights and 6 days to relax, reconnect, and wake up on our OWN timeline. Oh yeah, we will get a lot of skiing in too. Angela is watching the girls and has a week filled with fun activities (no different than usual) and an overnight visit from her Mom (the girls LOVE Pam, especially Evelyn...they have a very cute connection). We leave Sunday and return Friday, which will allow Angela some much needed R&R upon our return. We are very excited and grateful she is willing to do it.

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