Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Busy Girls

If you're curious, here's what the girls were up to in February and what they will be doing in March, here are the calendars Angela put together. Every morning at breakfast they ask "what am I doing today." This calendar only includes the morning activities with Angela and doesn't include swimming and soccer on the weekends, plus all the weekday playdates Mommy plans. For explanation, Sherwood is the local library where they have all sorts of fun programs; Tavern Toddlers is a program at Gadsby's Tavern in Old Town; Windmill Hill and Grist Mill are parks/playgrounds; and Bounce House is a place that has tons of large indoor inflatables.

Below is their program for the week (it's sorted by day of the week and activity):

Gumball Painting
Gumball cut and paste
Easel fingerpainting
Coloring page
Gumball machine suncatcher
Gumball man
Ring around the rosey
Pop goes the weasle
Jack and Jill
Hokey Pokey
Things that start with G
G pom pom page
G dot page - stamps
Gumball couting
G lace card
Gumball Patterns
Size sort
Gumball Letter match
Gumball puzzle
Capital/Lowercase sort
Color by number*
Color Matching
Writing practice
ziplock letters
ABC Flash Card
Number Flash Card
Color Matching
Counting Objects
Week Review

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