Saturday, October 15, 2011

Recognizing Letters and Knowing their Sounds

The girls have been doing so well with the alphabet. They now know all their letters AND all their sounds. Here's a preview of Evelyn showing off a little! Mommy is so proud! They are so eager to learn and try so hard! {Excuse all of the nose picking}

Riding Bikes and Scooters

When running at a nearby park a few weeks ago, I saw this little guy cruising on a minikick scooter. He was just 3 months older than the girls. It was amazing. I had to buy one. Check out the girls the FIRST day they got their scooter! Also noteworthy is that Sylvia can now totally peddle the tricycle (these videos are before Daddy moved the seat up)! They are doing well on the balance bike too!

Fun, Fun Fall Festivals

This weekend was a BLAST! Daddy missed it because he was in Texas. Saturday we went to a Fall festival at Burgundy Farms Day School where they got to ride a school bus for the first time (it was the shuttle to the festival)! They also got to feed sheep, pet chickens and run from goats (they have a bunch of animals there all the time, apparently). They bounced in the moonbounce twice, got their face painted (balloons!) and enjoyed live music.

After naps their friends Maya and Clara came over and we all went to the St. Aiden's Oktoberfest, which is the school next door where they will go to preschool next year. They enjoyed yet another moon bounce, missed the cake walk (we got too distracted playing), watched their friends get face painted, and enjoyed fun German music (the girls had to hold hands and dance in a circle). Here are a few pictures.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Animal Park and Pumpkinville

Last Friday, Daddy took the day off and we went to Leesburg pumpkinville and Sylvia went on a pony ride! She wasn't scared at all. Evelyn wouldn't do it...I'm sure she will next time!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

O is for Owl

This week's theme is O is for Owls. Look at these cute little masks. They were begging Angela to send the picture to Daddy.

They are learning their alphabet sounds. When reading at the end of the day, Evelyn pointed to C and said C says ca-ca. So good!