Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Evelyn's First Drop Off Playdate

Evelyn was invited over to play with her preschool pal, Katie.  It was her first drop off playdate.  She had so much fun! What a big girl! 

Video Messages From Santa

Santa sent Evelyn and Sylvia personalized video messages.  Evelyn was so nervous watching hers, she almost cried.  She was so happy to be on the "good" list.  Here are both personalized videos.  Super cute.


Every night before bed, Sylvia calls for me in the video monitor.  This is the exchange:

Yes Sylvia
I have to tell you something
What is it honey
It's a secret Mommy, don't tell
When I'm an adult, can I borrow something from you
Sure, what is it
[here she replies one of the following] You necklace, curling iron, earrings, shoes, purses, dresses
[I reply] of course, honey, good night

She then says
Mommy on the monitor
Yes Sylvia,  it's time to go to bed
When can we go to the beach
This summer, honey
I want to go to the beach, Mommy
[I reply] OK, we'll go to the beach [Now, I really want to go to the beach!]

I'm thinking beach Vac-ay in Feb! 


Grandpa drove his truck (not motorcycle) from Indiana to visit us for Thankgiving.  He arrive late Thanksgiving eve, but woke early to go get Krispie Kreme.  It's pretty much his "thing."  Two dozen of them.  I let the girls have a donut for about 3 days and then they've gotta go.  Grandpa thinks it's hilarious watching them get "climb the walls with sugar."  We had a very nice Thanksgiving dinner after spending most of it outside! 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Hard to Keep Up!

I've lost my enthusiasm for blogging.  We're just having too much fun, well, and I'm a little busy! 

--in happenings the last few weeks ... we've been to a birthday party (no pics taken), celebrated thanksgiving with grandpa (maybe 1 photo!), saw an IMAX of monarch butterflies, had playdates, and just last weekend had a big old party (12 adults and 5 kids).  I likley have a few pictures to upload, but not many. 

Here are some pictures their preschool teacher has taken. She keeps a snapfish link, so these are from the beginning.  Super cute.

Other happenings...David is in Latvia, Grammommy is coming this weekend (and again with Gramps at Christmas!), and we have a huge weekend ahead of holiday fun to include Santa workshop at school; visiting Santa, riding a train and going ice skating; going to the nutcracker; and hitting a birthday party!  This month will be a bit of a blur.

Oh yeah, and the girls got an email video from Santa.  HUGE HIT!