Monday, December 3, 2012

Hard to Keep Up!

I've lost my enthusiasm for blogging.  We're just having too much fun, well, and I'm a little busy! 

--in happenings the last few weeks ... we've been to a birthday party (no pics taken), celebrated thanksgiving with grandpa (maybe 1 photo!), saw an IMAX of monarch butterflies, had playdates, and just last weekend had a big old party (12 adults and 5 kids).  I likley have a few pictures to upload, but not many. 

Here are some pictures their preschool teacher has taken. She keeps a snapfish link, so these are from the beginning.  Super cute.

Other happenings...David is in Latvia, Grammommy is coming this weekend (and again with Gramps at Christmas!), and we have a huge weekend ahead of holiday fun to include Santa workshop at school; visiting Santa, riding a train and going ice skating; going to the nutcracker; and hitting a birthday party!  This month will be a bit of a blur.

Oh yeah, and the girls got an email video from Santa.  HUGE HIT! 

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