Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Little Fish

Evelyn and Sylvia have been in non-stop swimming classes since they were 6 months old.  It's paid off.  They just passed Pee Wee Paddler II and will be moving onto III without break.  Here are the skills they just passed (the coach said they were really at level III when we started the class, but the age limits require them to be 4).  I didn't want to fudge too much on their age!  Good stuff.  If they can swim the full length of the pool, they can be on the swim team in the fall.  Might be a little early for that (they would definitely be the youngest), but it's something to strive for!

TITLE: Pee Wee Paddler II (3-5 yrs.)
DESCRIPTION: Prerequisite: Pee Wee Paddler I or equivalent skill and child must leave parent willingly, be comfortable in the water and function well in a group. Student must be able to: blow bubbles through mouth and nose at least three seconds, submerge face under water, and swim on front and back (with assistance) at least two body lengths, must be able to stay in front and back float position for at least three seconds. Class Emphasis: Children gain greater independence in their skills and continue to gain comfort in the water. Skills include breath holding, rhythmic breathing (bobbing), floating and gliding on front and back with and without assistance, swimming at least three body lengths with and without assistance. Floatation devices (to include swimmies) may be used.

TITLE: Pee Wee Paddler III (4-6 yrs.)
DESCRIPTION: Prerequisite: Pee Wee Paddler II or equivalent skill proficiency. Student must be able to swim without assistance at least three body lengths on front and back. Students must be able to hold breath under water at least three seconds. Class Emphasis: Help children gain basic swimming propulsive skills and increase endurance and distance without floatation devices. Skills include: entering water by jumping in (chest deep water), submerging and holding breath five seconds, rotary breathing, treading water, swimming front crawl 10 yards and on back five yards.

My Little Sleeper

Crashed at naptime.  She sleeps so hard sometimes. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Daddy's 42nd Birthday

David returned from Sweden only to be swept away for a night in Charlottesville, leaving the kids at home with Angela.  We hike crabtree falls (1400 elevation gain about 3 hour hike), mountain biked and headed to Boars Head Inn for a wonderful evening and then spa appointments the next day.  Once we got home on Monday we had a yummy dinner of crab and birthday desserts with the girls.  Happy 42nd Birthday, David!  We love you!