Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wildlife Haven at The Romley's House

We mentioned on Easter we had 2 ducks swoop in and spend a good bit of time while we looked for eggs. We've also mentioned there are fox that are often in the woods next door or just hanging around the neighorhood (we've heard, but not seen, the 5 baby fox!). Well, after dinner one night, we saw 3 deer in our yard! One kept hopping the fence for mulberries! The male was a 6-8 point buck! Very cool! Unfortunately, that video was so long, it wouldn't load. We love our house for so many reasons!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Daily Schedule

The girls stay busy. Angela puts together a program for them focused around skills -- motor, language, social/emotional -- music, circle time, and an outing. They have a program for each day of the week. For example, on Monday, they focused on lacing beads, pulling up their pants, a memory game (the old flip over the cards, which they do really well at), making father's day cards, learning ABCs, singing a few songs including "you're happy and you know it," and going to Mount Vernon (they toured the farm, learned about Ox and ran around on a beautiful day). Other activities this week include following 3 part directions, learning days of the week (they are good at this and months). Other outings include going to play group (a usual Tuesday and Thursday occurance -- two different groups), checking out the local farmer's market and library, visiting our neighborhood pool and going on a train ride (metro) to see the airplanes at the airport. They do a lot in the morning, come back for lunch at Noon and then take naps at 12:30. They are up by 3pm, have a snack, and then Mommy comes home. Mommy usually has 2-3 play dates arranged each week after work. We play outside, at the park across the street or at a friends house.

I'd say they have a pretty good life. Since most preschool programs at age 2 are glorified play programs (or full-day day care, which we don't want/need), we will start them in two or three day a week half day preschool in the fall of 2012, when they are 3.5 years old. Thankfully with two kids, they are always have learning about sharing, taking turns, and not being the the full focus. So, I don't think they will miss anything!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bribery Works

After about a month of very successful potty training with few, if any, accidents. Evelyn had a setback. It lasted about 3 days and she had several accidents. So, knowing stickers as rewards didn't really work for her, I decided to reward her with something she's had just once. ICE CREAM. We picked out her Tinkerbell undies and told her that she should keep Tinkerbell dry and if she does all day, she will get ice cream after dinner. Sure enough, she did! She was very proud of herself. Tomorrow, she will get a popscicle if she keeps Nemo dry.

We are very proud of Evelyn.