Thursday, November 8, 2012

Daddy Meets Queen of Sweden

Daddy is in Sweden this week.  Yesterday he called the girls to tell them he met a real Queen and Princess.  And, get this, the Queen of Sweden's name is SILVIA.  How about that, just one letter off, but pronouced like Sylvia?!  The princesses name was Victoria.  You could tell Evelyn was a little disappointed her name wasn't Evelyn. 

Color By Number

Check out these color by number skills.  Interesting that Evelyn took 2 days to complete hers, Sylvia completed hers in one.  Evelyn has gotten really deliberate in her coloring and does a great job staying in the lines.  Sylvia usually does a great job and often tries harder (Evelyn sometimes gets frustrated), but it seems like the roles are switching again! 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Fun Fall Times

Just goofing off in the back yard!  The next day I buried Evelyn in leaves and she didn't want to get out.  Face and everything.  So silly.