Sunday, April 28, 2013

Birthday Photos!

What a blast of a birthday!  It took weeks to execute!  The girls had a blast with a dress up table, castle bounce house, face painting, balloons, tons of food and a visit from "Belle from the princess castle."  The girls liked to tell everyone she was "real."  Super cute.  Next year's birthday we've promised to take them to Disney!  Happy birthday to my lovely ladies!  Love you!

PS Thank you thank you to Grammommy, Gramps and Daddy for working so hard to make both parties a HUGE success!  Definitely couldn't have done it without you!

Princess Birthday Videos

The big birthday party was on Saturday.  About 16 of their close friends, plus their siblings and their parents.  All told we had close to 60 people come.  Tons of fun with a princess dress up table, face painting, castle moon bounce, piƱata, and a visit from BELLE!  The girls liked to say "the real Belle from the princess castle."  Good fun for all. I think the 4 boys there had a really good time too!  Before the party they got to open the family gifts, which included amazing princess dresses for the party. 

Lots of pictures to come, those will be posted soon (hopefully!). 

Hard to believe my special girlies are now 4! 

Birthday Videos

We had two birthday parties. The first was Friday immediately after school with their class.  Casual, pizza, watermelon and cake with lots of fun playing.  I'll post pictures of the affair later.