Saturday, August 13, 2011


Evelyn loves her puppy. She calls her pup-pup. We don't let her leave the house with it (for fear it will be lost), but it's what she talks about most and carries around. She has about 12 dolls/animals in her bed, along with 2 blankets and a pillow. She has names for them all...Mommy, Daddy, Grammommy, Angela, etc. Sylvia on the other hand is a purist. She likes one blanket, her pillow (sometimes), 1 doll and a few books. If she accidently puts another doll/animal in her bed she often later cries "I don't want it" and wants us to take it out of her room. So particular these girls!

Loving Greens & Friends

My girls are oddballs, they love to eat raw spinach and lettuce of any kind. I tried to serve some up to their friend Lucas on Saturday when we had the Venner's over, but his parents just laughed at me. Sylvia is trying to "cheers" Lucas in the above picture (he didn't touch the lettuce).

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Today's Play Date

Of course, their playdate involved water play too! This time nearly naked and Sylvia hoards the buckets!

Potty Progess

Sylvia did great yesterday! Until 5pm she was in her same cars underware. They went outside to play and got all sweaty and guzzled water. Then, she had a few accidents. Mostly just started to go and then had a huge pee-pee on the potty. She didn't go #2 all day on Wednesday.

Thursday morning she had a tiny #2 on the potty!!!! She earned 5 red M&Ms for her first successful #2 on the potty! Good work, Sylvia!

Also, they both earned 3 M&Ms because they went to the potty all by themselves and put on their undies and shorts back on. Sylvia did this Wednesday night and Evelyn first thing Thursday. Yeah!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sylvia Potty Training Progress

Sylvia is doing great. She is earning M&M's all day long. Besides going #2, she is doing great! We told her the first time she goes to #2 on the potty she gets 5 M&Ms. Today she is in underware for the first time! She was excited to pick out Tinkerbell and then opted for Cars (the Disney movie...they are for girls). I have a feeling there may be some morning fights over underware (yes, they are that gross?). And, I sold all my extra diapers so we are officially done with that phase (and spending up to $100/mo on the beginning it was more like $150/mo). Hello big girls. I promised I would get her Dora underware, so a trip to Target is on the "to do" list.

Will post a great picture of her so proud in her undies and will keep you posted. We are also incentivizing the girls to go by themselves. Sometimes their butts, buttons or zippers get in the way of being completely independent. They are great at turning on/off the water, getting soap and washing/drying their hands. I'm so proud of my little ladies.

Summer Fun

We are spending lots of time at the pool this summer. To supplement our outdoor water fun, they enjoy going to a new spray park nearby. This week on the program, they went to a library beach party on Monday, Tuesday they went to the pool, Wednesday to the spraypark, Thursday to playgroup and the pool in the afternoon. Tons of summer water-related fun!

Obsession with Tinker Toys

Every day we play with tinker toys. They make all sorts of things with their wild imaginations. Sylvia made this cool windmill thing all by herself. Evelyn wanted to pose for a picture.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sylvia Started Potty Training

Last week, Sylvia finally got over her fear of the potty ("No scared Mommy, No"). She had a lot of fun sitting on the potty, but nothing ever came out. After hearing great success stories from friends on their potty training efforts, we picked up some M&Ms to help incentize her along. Neither have had M&Ms, but often ask for chocolate when asked what they want for breakfast (weird...the only chocolate they get is in an occassional granola bar). Evelyn also joined in the fun (if someone knows how to not reward the other kid who's doing the same, but doesn't need to be rewarded, please tell me). So, Sylvia was told she got 1 for pee, 2 for poop. After several attempts with no success (and a few tears because she wasn't getting M&Ms) and pushing fluids, she finally got it. She went pee-pee all day on Sunday. Poop was another story. First time she almost got to the toilet, but didn't quiet get there in time. Second time she went in her pull up. It was a good start. And, you should watch how carefully they choose their prize. It takes up to 30 seconds for them to select the coveted M&M!

If she's successful for a few days, we will put her in underware! I'm pretty sure we are packing up all the diapers and giving them away.

Go Romley Girls!!! At 2 years and just over 3 months, Sylvia has jumped on the potty bandwagon. I estimate I will save about $75/month on diapers! We'll still have pullups for occassional long trips or when I don't want them to have an accident in their cute outfits and at naps and nighttime. When we transition them to a toddler bed, that's when we'll work on potty training while they sleep.

Pool & Dinner with Lemon's

We invited the Lemon's (Jon, Jen, Hanna, and baby Quinn) over to our pool and lugged stuff there to grill after naps (busy day after the bday party in the morning). Unfortunately, it rained and the pool closed. The girls still had a blast playing outside while we were hopeful it would re-open. We all got too hot and sweaty (and baby Quinn really needed to crawl around), so we finally decided to go home and the boys grilled in the downpouring rain. Good, summer fun!

Birthday Party

The girls went to Maya's 3rd birthday party on Sunday morning. It was a princess theme. They made crowns and dressed up. Can you tell Sylvia got into it? And, they loved these powered cars.

PS My flip video is partially broken, so the videos are often not centered because I can't see the frame as I film!