Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pre-Halloween Festivities

Here are the girls are dressed up (E as Snow White and S as Little Red Riding Hood) ready to the go the neighbhorhood Halloween Parade and Oktoberfest.

Neighborhood Oktoberfest and Halloween Parade

The girls had a blast dressing up as Snow White (Evelyn) and Little Red Riding Hood (Sylvia) for our neighbhorhood Oktoberfest and Halloween parade. The girls had a blast playing with Ella (friend from the pool, age 5) and all of the other bigger girls. At one point, Evelyn pushed me away and said that she wanted to play. So proud of her!

Pumpkin Playground

We hit up Burke Pumpkin Playground Friday with the girls pal Wyatt and had a blast!

Fun Fall Days

We had yet another fun fall weekend. Here's a picture from our visit to River Farm's Fall Festival (its serves as the headquarters of the American Horticultural Society). The girls got their faces painted, went to a story time, made bird houses, went on a scavenger hunt, hiked through the meadow to the water, made thumbprint pumpkins, got balloons, flower seeds to plant. The venue is incredible! It's right on the potomac and about a mile from our house. Such a hidden treasure. The staff at River Farm took this picture and emailed it to us!

First Why?

Friday night at dinner, Evelyn climbed into her chair and started eating (she could eat all day long if we let her). I told her she needed to come wash her hands, and there it came...her first "Why, Mommy?" For a few weeks now, they have both been asking, "what is" and "where is", but not Why.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Grammommy's Visit

Better late than never. Grammommy visited a few weeks ago and brought a load of goodies -- wooden masks to color, tutus, cute aprons, crowns (that just happened to match their new shoes!), and surely a few other things. She taught them some ballerina moves (she was a ballerina back in the day) and some yoga. They love her so much (and so do we!). Next time I will get better pictures with her and the girls!!!