Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fun Week of Plans

The girls have a fun week of activities planned, just like most week's!  Last week was camp, this week they are getting together with friends for play dates on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
  • Monday they went to a friend's house in the morning for play time.  In the afternoon, we had over 2 other friends for a drop off play date and dinner to help out some good friends of ours.  
  • Tuesday they met the kids of Carolina's au pair friend (the host family's kids!); they are 4 and 2, then they had a picnic lunch and then went to the pool.  
  • Wednesday, they will decorate their bikes for July 4th with friends and have an afternoon playdate with more friends.
  • Thursday, we are going to a friend's pool 4th of July party with bouncy houses and swimming.  Home for a quick nap and shower.  Then we head into DC for dinner and then to the White House for fireworks.
  • Friday, we are having a BBQ with 2 families from our neighbhorhood.  This day includes skyping with Granny and family at the cottage in Michigan! 
  • Saturday, David and I are going to a National's game with friends. 
  • Sunday, we will rest.  Go to the pool or hang out at home.  
Happy 4th of  July!

Slip & Slide Fun

We're pretty lucky we have great outdoor space at our house, so often we don't have to go anywhere to have fun.  They love to play in the sandbox, on the play set, trampoline or with the water toys. Here they are cruising down the slip and slide!  I should have gotten a video of David's attempts.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


The weekend was fun, but slightly uneventful.  The girls wrapped up a week of sports camp.  It rained every single afternoon, so attempts to go to the pool were a complete bust.
--Friday--happy hour playdate with friends.  Terrible storm that blew down our neighbhor's fence; David came to the rescue to help fix it.
--Saturday -- Absolutely nothing on the calendar.  Hung out in the morning at the house and hit the pool in the afternoon.
--Sunday -- Mommy had brunch with girlfriends (so fun!) and then enjoyed an afternoon of sweating in the back yard.  It was so hot!

Oh Sylvia

Sylvia has always loved to use scissors.  She says "I want to do my cutting."  She will cut out hearts or cut string to make a kite.  Well, on Sunday, she decided that she would cut her hair!  Yes, about 3 inches of hair from the front part of her hair I pull back into a pony tail.  I found the hair under our craft mat.  Clearly she knew she did something wrong when she hit it.

I found the hair 2 days later.  I asked her when she cut it, she said "a long, long time ago at Granny's cottage."  Ha!  Lie!  I asked her again and she finally fessed up.

Little booger.  Thankfully it doesn't look too bad, since I pull up that part of her hair anyway.

I guess I should have forced her to use the lame scissors that only cut paper.