Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fun Week of Plans

The girls have a fun week of activities planned, just like most week's!  Last week was camp, this week they are getting together with friends for play dates on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
  • Monday they went to a friend's house in the morning for play time.  In the afternoon, we had over 2 other friends for a drop off play date and dinner to help out some good friends of ours.  
  • Tuesday they met the kids of Carolina's au pair friend (the host family's kids!); they are 4 and 2, then they had a picnic lunch and then went to the pool.  
  • Wednesday, they will decorate their bikes for July 4th with friends and have an afternoon playdate with more friends.
  • Thursday, we are going to a friend's pool 4th of July party with bouncy houses and swimming.  Home for a quick nap and shower.  Then we head into DC for dinner and then to the White House for fireworks.
  • Friday, we are having a BBQ with 2 families from our neighbhorhood.  This day includes skyping with Granny and family at the cottage in Michigan! 
  • Saturday, David and I are going to a National's game with friends. 
  • Sunday, we will rest.  Go to the pool or hang out at home.  
Happy 4th of  July!

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