Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Oh Sylvia

Sylvia has always loved to use scissors.  She says "I want to do my cutting."  She will cut out hearts or cut string to make a kite.  Well, on Sunday, she decided that she would cut her hair!  Yes, about 3 inches of hair from the front part of her hair I pull back into a pony tail.  I found the hair under our craft mat.  Clearly she knew she did something wrong when she hit it.

I found the hair 2 days later.  I asked her when she cut it, she said "a long, long time ago at Granny's cottage."  Ha!  Lie!  I asked her again and she finally fessed up.

Little booger.  Thankfully it doesn't look too bad, since I pull up that part of her hair anyway.

I guess I should have forced her to use the lame scissors that only cut paper.

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