Saturday, August 3, 2013

7th Anniversary & Girls First Sleep Over

To celebrate our 7th anniversary, we first planned to stay local in DC at the St. Regis.  Angela was going to watch the girls at the house. Then, we decided to just stay home and worked it out so Angela took the girls to her Parents (they adore the girls!) and have a stay-cation.  Then, David booked a room, train tickets and tickets to the show Wicked in Philadelphia.  We kept the plans the same for the girls to go with Angela to Frederick.  They had a blast!  It was a rainy day so they painted pottery, colored, ate Larry burgers (Angela's dad makes great burgers!), watched a movie, went to church, and visited the fire department (Pam is a volunteer EMT).  Besides waking up at 6:30 (Sylvia was told to be quiet until Evelyn woke an hour later...and did!), they were great.

Of course, David and I took one picture while in Philly and it's on David's phone!

What a fun anniversary and first big step for Sylvia and Evelyn!  Special thanks to Angela, Pam and Larry for helping make this happen!  xoxoxo!  

Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Fun!

August is going to be very busy, but a lot of fun.  Here's what we have going on (yes, there are 5 weekends in August, so an extra weekend of FUN!).

1st Week of August/Last week of July:

  • Vacation Bible School for the girls at Aldersgate, a rivaling day school in the neighborhood.  
  • 7th Anniversary celebration for David and I.  Going to Philly to see Wicked and enjoy some good food and drinks. 
  • Girls have first sleepover at Angela's parents! 

2nd week:

  • Vacation Bible School for the girls at St Luke's, another rivaling day school in the neighborhood.  
  • Weekend of camping at Pohick Bay with 4 other families on Friday and Saturday!  We've rented rustic cabins, which should make it more enjoyable for the 11 kids and 10 adults.  Lots of fun planning all the food, drinks, games, etc.  

3rd week:
  • Carolina's family (Mom, Mom's fiancee, sister, Aunt, uncle, 2 cousins) arrive from Sweden!  We are hosting them for dinner on Tuesday night.
  • Trips to Mount Vernon and lots of pool time planned
  • Depart for Michigan!!!

4th week:
  • Full week in Michigan with Granny, Grammommy, Gramps.  Will also get to spend time with Uncle Shane and Uncle Kirk!  So fun!  Lot's of lake time planned!!! 
5th week:
  • Final week of swimming at the outdoor pool.  They will go every day, at least once, assuming the weather is good.
  • Mommy's birthday on the 30th!  
  • Labor day parties.  Annual neighbor "swine" fest.  Lots of friends, food, fun for everyone.
Hopefully I will have a few pictures to share.  Evelyn and Sylvia have been so sweet and fun.