Friday, May 24, 2013

End of First Year of Preschool!

Hard to believe their last day of school has passed!  They had an end of year concert with the whole school (videos to come) and a class luncheon.  So super cute.  Next year they will be in the 5 day/4s class.  5-half days.  And, yes, they will be in the same class.

Welcome Carolina

We are so happy to have Carolina in the USA with us finally.  After Angela moved out in January we revised her contract through the end of May.  With the girls being in school 5 days next year and David's travel, it made a lot of sense for us to purse a more flexible nanny live-in situation.  We worked with Au Pair in America to find Carolina.  It was pretty obvious from the first read of her application that she was ideal for us.  She'd been working at a preschool for nearly 2 years with children ages 3-6 in Sweden, living on her own, and driving for some time.  We skyped a lot and finally made her the offer!  Happily she accepted.  We continued to skype with her for months calling her a "friend from Sweden."  Then, we asked the girls if they wanted her to to come live with us, so THEY actually asked her on Skype (we wanted them to feel in control, even though the decision was made long before).  On May 19th, Carolina arrived in NY for orientation with 70 other girls.  She made a lot of new friends, including several living very nearby.  She then finally got to DC on the 24th.  It was great!  We had a great weekend, including the last day of preschool, touring around DC, two memorial day parties with friends, and doing lots of other stuff like taking her to the bank, driving, etc.  Good stuff. The girls love her already and she has really fit in well.  We couldn't be happier!

Here are a few pictures of sitting outside Saturday night making smores!  It was a chilly Memorial Day, which I know Carolina appreciated...she was in for HOT weather the next week.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Deck Box Stage Singing

Their stage is on top of the deck box.  They put on a performance.  The first is an out take, it's hilarious.  Turn up the volume.  The third and last videos are the full song from the Little Mermaid!  They actually know the second verse too.  They love Ariel! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Super BUSY!

Life is insane.  I promise posts in the next few weeks.  Few highlights of what has been going on.
-Over the top princess party for the girls 4th birthday.  Tooks weeks of preparation!
-Visit from Grandpa
-Visit from Grammommy and Gramps 
-Preparation for arrival of our Swedish au pair, Carolina, and for Angela's transition
-Finding new tenants for the townhouse and preparing it.
-Starting t-ball
-Enjoying a few furlough days
-Preparing for the final week of school (as room parent planning birthdays, end of year gifts, teacher appreciation, and end of year luncheon!).
-Hosting friends on the weeks for some seriously fun times
-Father's day portraits taken and printed

Pictures to come.