Thursday, September 29, 2011


The girls got a little trim (their second haircut) at a salon in Old Town. Sylvia sat in the big chair all by herself. Evelyn wasn't so sure and took a seat with me. They both did well and got bubbles from the stylist!

Dry at Naps for 7 days Straight!

The girls have been dry at naps (and in underware) for 7 days straight. They sleep hard for 1.5-2hrs and wake up dry! Yeah! Also, once Sylvia got over the fear of going #2 (several weeks ago), she hasn't looked back. We haven't had an accident for a long time. We use 1 pull up for each girl daily, at bedtime. How about those diaper savings? I went from about $100 a month to less than $5! Momma has already bought some new shoes for everyone (2 pairs for each girl and myself!)

Cute Party Dresses

The girls have some adorable party dresses that I wouldn't mind having myself if it were appropriate for adult women to wear them. Here they are all dolled up in their party dresses last Saturday. Note their new shoes!


The girls' program (created by Angela for "LaLa's Preschool") includes a letter and number for each week. L for Ladybug and 12 was last week. They created these very cool ladybug outfits! So adorable! Sylvia is almost striking a pose.