Friday, August 10, 2012

Vacation Bible School

The girls had a blast at VBS.  They even performed a little show on the last day.  It was so sweet.  Videos to come.  Here's their first "class" picture. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

He's not Bubba!

After caring for our foster cat a few days, I decided to reach out to the shelter and ask if Bubba was his real name.  Sure enough, it's NOT!  His name was Ashley!!!  Bit of a strange name for such a big boy, but he's definitely Ashley. He responds to it.  David somehow knew that Scarlett O'Hara's love interest in "Gone with the Wind" was Ashley Wilkes. 

He's a cuddler for sure and lights tight places (which is odd becuase of his size). He used to hide under our bed, then in the storage room, and now really likes to retreat to Angela's room.  However, he gets noisy at night and we all kick him out.  So, he's left to sleep in the basement. 

Our kitty lover, Sylvia, is most timid around him.  She thinks he's going to bite her.  Evelyn is in love. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vacation Bible School

We are gearing up for preschool and signed up the girls for 3 camps (soccer, Vacation Bible School and a kiddie camp).  This week they are attending VBS at a neighbhorhood preschool.  Their class has about 12, 3 year olds with 3 teachers.  I was a little concerned there may be crying, anxiety, but they ran off to their "tribe" to sit with their friend Kaitlyn.  They had a great time doing crafts (made a neat necklace), singing songs, dancing, etc.  Oh, I must mention that Evelyn's favorite thing was "eating goldfish."  You'd think these kids are so deprived (Mom, who do I sound like???).  Evelyn has never fallen asleep so fast! They were so tired!  It's seriously the best deal going!  Just $60 for both of them to attend 3 hours/day.  And, it's well run!  Will be an annual thing, I think.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend Fun

The weekend was lots of fun.  Friday, David and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.  I was a sport and agreed to a motorcycle ride to Great Falls.  Note that this was after a 14 mile run earlier than day and in 95+degrees.  We had a great lunch at the Old Anglers Inn.  Totally low key. 

Saturday morning, we celebrated a friend's birthday at her pool party.  Lots of pizza, cupcakes and swimming.  In the evening, our friends invited us and 2 other couples to their house (with kids) for a dinner party.  It was a house full of girls four, 3 year olds and 2, 1 year olds.  The kids ate first and the adults enjoyed an amazing meal while the kids played for hours in the basement. 

Sunday morning we hosted friends at our pool for swimming and a cookout. 

Lots of good fun!