Saturday, March 31, 2012

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Evelyn and Sylvia are already loving Easter as much as Christmas. I planned our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt and about 40 kids + parents came. Tons of fun and even had an spoon and egg race after. Next up, White House Easter Egg Roll and then Easter celebration at home!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Sleeping Together

The girls haven't slept together since they were infants. We tried when on vacation in December and it didn't work well. Since Mommy and the girls are going to visit the Indiana family over Memorial weekend and will be sharing a bed, we thought it'd be wise to practice before we go. So, we tried it out. On Friday, they were up until 10pm! They weren't fussing, they were reading, chatting and playing. It was super cute to watch. On Saturday, they fell asleep at 8:30pm after just 45 minutes of playing and reading. Here's a shot from the monitor. Sylvia is hiding behind a book.

Monday, March 26, 2012


While I love our new camera, I have to figure out how to compress the videos before posting. The flip video did this automatically, so stay tuned for videos.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nearly 3 Years Olds!!!

What big girls! We had a great weekend while Daddy was in Brussels. They are playing together so nicely and the independent play is a nice break for Mommy! They were even cooperative for these pictures (Sylvia less so...she seriously can't sit still). In one month and two days, they will be THREE!!!