Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sylvia Potty Training Progress

Sylvia is doing great. She is earning M&M's all day long. Besides going #2, she is doing great! We told her the first time she goes to #2 on the potty she gets 5 M&Ms. Today she is in underware for the first time! She was excited to pick out Tinkerbell and then opted for Cars (the Disney movie...they are for girls). I have a feeling there may be some morning fights over underware (yes, they are that gross?). And, I sold all my extra diapers so we are officially done with that phase (and spending up to $100/mo on the beginning it was more like $150/mo). Hello big girls. I promised I would get her Dora underware, so a trip to Target is on the "to do" list.

Will post a great picture of her so proud in her undies and will keep you posted. We are also incentivizing the girls to go by themselves. Sometimes their butts, buttons or zippers get in the way of being completely independent. They are great at turning on/off the water, getting soap and washing/drying their hands. I'm so proud of my little ladies.

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