Monday, September 10, 2012

Note from Mrs MacLeod

This is what Mrs MacLeod said about the girls first day.  I gave her a heads up Sylvia likes to "try" things she shouldn't.  Sure enough, it was my kid eating the playdough on the first day.  I asked Sylvia about it and she said "Mommy it was gushy, I thought it might taste good.  It was very yucky."


The girls had a fabulous day and you would never know that they have never been in a preschool environment.  Evelyn was a bit more reserved  than Sylvia when we went out on the playground the first time but we walked around she found her sister and Charlotte [Charlotte is the next door neighbhor] so she was happy. The second time we were outside all five girls from the class were playing together with a large tub and having a great time!! 

Funny you should mention Sylvia and her fingers in her mouth. I caught her a couple of times doing it and even trying out the play dough. When I said that wasn't such a good thing to put in her mouth she immediately stopped but we will keep an eye on her hands in mouth. So you know -- the play dough is edible since we make it at school but I doubt it tastes very good but have seen many a child pick up little pieces and put it in their mouths and never spit it out. We do wash hands a lot and there is a sink in the classroom which the children were already using today.  
Take care and I am so very excited to have Sylvia and Evelyn in this year's class. They are wonderful additions.

Mary Olivia

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