Monday, July 5, 2010

Finally a Smiling Shot

Gram (the girls' maternal Grandmother) says Sylvia is pensive. She is not overly smily or a ham, like her sister. She's a thinker. She soaks it all in, even though he doesn't seem to be paying attention. The other day Sylvia and I were alone driving around and I started asking questions, what sound does a cow make, she replies mooo. She answered with the correct sound for dog, bird, duck, monkey, cow, cat. I know I'm missing a few. I was blown away.

Here is Sylvia, almost for the first time on camera, being a completely silly girl. She is often very silly, but if she knows she's being watched or photographed, you'll be hard-pressed to get it on film.

Good work to her Great Uncle Kirk (Gram's brother) for taking this picture over the 4th of July while at the cottage in Michigan visiting Great Granny and the rest of the family.

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