Sunday, January 30, 2011


We've been sick! First, it started with Evelyn on Wednesday. Lots of vomiting and other fun stuff. Lasted 2 days. Just when we were all feeling OK, it hit Sylvia. Of course, when Mommy was home alone (why am I always the one who deals with this fun stuff?). All Friday afternoon (my day off!), Sylvia vomited. I did teach her how to do it in a bucket (how about that...learning while sick!). She didn't do well Friday or that night, Saturday it moved to the other other end. Sunday, she was feeling better...she even had an appetite. Well, it didn't last all came back up. We were up all night long (yes, this was the 4th night this week!). Saturday, Daddy and I both felt ill. [I even said if there was an entire delicious cake sitting in front of me I wouldn't eat it...David then knew I felt terrible).

Now, Sylvia and Evelyn both have colds. I took Sylvia to the doctor just to make sure she indeed just had a virus (no strep throat, ear infection, etc) with all the added coughing (Evelyn hadn't yet developed a cold yet). Poor baby. It's so hard seeing your little ones suffer. Should I feel flattered that they always wait for Mommy before it begins? True Love.

Evelyn is definitely working on her upper canines. She bit a chair yesterday! And, put her hands in her mouth and screamed. She's never really been affected like this...she's such a toughy. A little oragel made her all better.

Spring will come soon enough and the germies will be gone (hopefully!). I say to myself this is all good for their immunity development, but it just sucks!

In brighter news, the girls are definitely talking more. They love to sled (we had 5 inches last week). And, they are 22 months old. I've evolved to saying "they are almost 2." [I still count months for the blog, but not when asked how old they are.] How'd that happen?

When I can surface above the yuckiness, I'll take picutres and post videos. It just hasn't been my focus lately. I really need a good night's rest.

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