Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The girls know a lot of words and their vocabulary expands daily. Evelyn's first 3 word phase was "No fork, spoon." Lately she is on a kick and doesn't want to eat with a fork, only a spoon. Doesn't go over well with most food, but she doesn't seem to mind. She also has a preference for the color of plates and cups I give her. One day it was full blown tears that Sylvia had the pink version of the exact same cup with butterflies. You can barely even tell the difference. David kept telling her it was the same. She's no dummy, daddy. So, I gave her another pink up and called it "new." Now when she sees the cup she says "new cup." I can't wait until they start fighting over clothes (they still share even though Sylvia is a tad bit bigger).

Adding to this, Angela wrote me this today -- "Evelyn certainly lets her opinions be known about her outfits. I always get her dressed first, because I don't have to chase her around, she just comes and lays down. So I got her in teh cute red sweater and then got Sylvia dressed, Evelyn noticed that Sylvia had on "her" white puppy sweater, and freaked out. It took a lot of convincing that her sweater had puppies and we could share the other puppies with Sylvia!" Sooo funny!

Another funny note about Evelyn's talking. Last weekend she was walking around saying "ta-ta baby." It took me FOREVER to figure out she was saying "thank you baby." I guess we must say that to her. It's super cute. We now have her saying "hey baby." "love you baby" etc. We also love when they say something is "cool." Yes, we do teach them useful words too. :)

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