Sunday, February 6, 2011

Busy Weekend

Finally we are back! Girls are heathy and we can have playdates! We have a lot to catch up on since many were cancelled. Friday, we took the girls to Chuck E. Cheese (a new one opened by our house). They open at 9am, so we had run of the place with only 2 other kids. While the girls didn't really get into the rides and games for their age group, they loved the slide and running around. Friday afternoon their girls best boyfriend, Wyatt, came over with his Mommy (Julia) and baby brother (4 weeks old!).

The rest of the weekend was very busy. Saturday, our friend Monique and her daughter Maya (2.5) came over to play. She is soon having baby girl #2 in April. We visited the pet store in the afternoon to pet doggies, see fish, meow at kitties and watch birdies fly. This is a regular outing when the weather isn't so great (it was rainy) this winter. There is a pet hospital, obedience school and groomers there so there are always lots of doggies to pet. Not sure I've mentioned that Evelyn is in love with her little puppy (she calls it pup-pup and named Biscuit after a series of childrens books they love) and she loves dogs! Sylvia does too, but I think she likes kitties better.

Sunday, we went to Mt Vernon (we have annual passes) to play in their children's play area and to check out the museum. That afternoon our friends Lynn and Brian visited with baby Morgan (9 mos) and watched the Super Bowl. Daddy was mad the Steelers lost.

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