Monday, March 28, 2011

23 Months!!!

Evelyn and Sylvia are nearly 2!!! Hard to believe. They are amazing little talkers. I read somewhere a 3 year old should have 500 words. I'd like to believe they know just about that many. It's so cute to have conversations with them and have them express their opinions (they have many), preferences, likes and dislikes. They are also incredibly affectionate (when they aren't fighting) and are very good at sharing (they have a lot of practice). They are still sleeping solidly 7am to 7pm and most days have a 2 hour nap. I just know their stall tactics so book reading starts at 6:30pm and in the crib at 6:50pm because I think I tuck Evelyn in and kiss her puppies about 6 times. It's very cute. They also know how to put on their coats! Big accomplishment. They are also getting very good at putting on their shoes. They are best at putting on their crocs (it's what they play in the yard in). I'm so impressed. They are still very good eaters -- lots of veggies and healthy stuff. They do not eat processed or foods with preservatives/artificial stuff (unless they have it at a friend's which is rare). We are lucky because I know some tots that have goldfish for dinner! I'm not saying there aren't days they refuse to eat what's on their plate, but they know that's all they are getting, so usually they eat it. If not, they eat a really good breakfast. The girls are far from starving! We switched from whole to 2% milk recently and will probably switch to skim after their birthday, if the doctor recommends it. They also get milk at their snack (after naps around 3pm) and we're cutting that out. I read 2 year olds should get 16-22oz of milk. They get about 24oz now. I know Sylvia will not like reducing that milk; she chugs it like she's never had it before. Silly girl. Evelyn is still smaller than Sylvia and often mistaken for the younger sibling (a year apart). She has a tiny head, just like her Mommy. But, they are only about 1-2lbs apart. I think Sylvia is close to 26.5lbs and Evelyn 25. Yes, they are heavy when I'm carrying them both around. You'd think I'd be ultra buff! We are gearing up for a fun second birthday party on May 7th -- a backyard barbeque bash. I've invited 11 of their friends and so far all but 2 can make it. Add in parents and siblings and we have quiet the party! Stay tuned for more!

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