Thursday, March 10, 2011

We have a Jumper!

A very important upcoming gross motor milestone is JUMPING! This is a 2.5 year milestone! I had some bubble wrap from a box and tore it in half (side note -- lost one of my diamond earrings--my "push" gift from the insurance check and new earring!). I put the bubble wrap on the floor and told the girls they should walk on it. Sylvia LOVED it! She started jumping and successfully got BOTH feet off the ground several times. Go Sylvia! Evelyn has an incredibly strong core, so I'm sure she's already done it, we just haven't seen it. We are also practicing standing on one foot, which they are getting better at too.

In other fun news, they can take off their diapers. The other day we stripped them down for "na na" time only to find them runing all over the house in the nude. I told David that we know what Evelyn does after dinner and we needed to get them back in their diapers ASAP. Well, sure enough, while we weren't looking, Evelyn went #2 on my bathroom rug! Then, she ran into her sisters room and went #1. Now they know they aren't supposed to take off their diapers unless they are in their bathroom! Crazy babes!

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