Friday, April 29, 2011

Doctor Appointment

At the girls doctor's appointment, they were weighed and measured, but not poked (no shots). It would have been an easy visit if the girls were in a good mood (but they were not). The details are as follows:

Evelyn weighs 25lbs (26th percentile) and measures 33 inches (32nd percentile); Sylvia weighs just one pound more at 26lbs (40th percentile) and measures 33 inches (also 32nd percentile). The doctor calculated their height percentiles at 58%, but after checking with a calculator on-line, I found those to be high.

Regardless, they are doing great. They are far exceeding the threshold developmental milestones. Our next biggest challege is potty training. The girls have their potty's, but aren't very interested yet. They can tell us before they go #2 and want changed immediately, but won't sit on the potty. Sylvia can sometimes tell me when she is peeing or about to and then asked to be changed (again, not interested in sitting on the potty to do this). Our big toilet training push will come after our trip to visit Great Granny in July. I don't want huge messes over a day long of travel. No thanks!

So, here's to looking onward to challenges of 2's with 2. I'm absolutely sure there will be plenty of wine and cocktails had to get through it. ha!

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