Thursday, May 12, 2011

Evelyn Pee Pee's on Potty

Something strange happened yesterday. As usual, when I got home the girls were in the backyard playing. They were already in their bathing suits and playing in the pool. We were also playing in the sandbox. Sylvia drug a chair under the swing set and said she wanted to sit on it. She did and then all of a sudden Evelyn said "ya ya, pee pee." Sylvia peed on the chair (swim diapers don't collect urine, just poop). I told Sylvia if she has to potty, we go inside. Evelyn said "yeah, pee pee, upstairs on potty." So we went inside, upstairs, and I pulled off her suit and swim diaper. We left the bathroom so she had privacy and sure enough, she went! After bath she told me she had to go and went again on the potty! This morning, she went again! How about that! I'm surprised it's Evelyn because Sylvia is often asking to be changed and crying because she's going in her diaper (a sign she doesn't like it, but Sylvia isn't very interested in sitting on it). Good work, Evelyn. I plan to keep this up until I know they are ready and then we will do the 3 day potty training. I seriously can't potty train two kids at once for months on end! We'll see how it all goes, but we're off to a great start in that Evelyn is telling us when she has to go and going! Angela is going to take them out to pick out special stickers they get as rewards when they potty.

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