Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Counting and ABCs

Good news! Evelyn counted to 10 on her own (without repeating or saying "what's after 3") when she climbed the stairs. She did it again this morning, but skipped 7.

Sylvia can say her ABCs to G without help, but she sometimes misses D & E.

Great progress for 25 months, if you ask me! It's funny because the counting is great up the stairs, but when you have two kids, you can't just climb the stairs with one at their pace, you're often just trying to make sure they get up/down safely. So, we do a lot of counting before extra pushes on the swing, up the ladder, or before we do things. They are also very into the timer "set timer, Mommy." They like to brush their teeth for 2 mintues while singing ABCs. And, when they take FOREVER to eat dinner (my girls can eat!), we set the timer (3 more minutes to eat).

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