Saturday, July 23, 2011

First Movie and TV Watching

This summer some of the local theatres are offering $1 movies. Angela took the girls to see Yogi Bear. They sat through the trailers and 40 minutes of the movie (1 hour total).

Also, in entertainment news, while the girls don't watch much TV at all, I've been trying to get them to sit down and watch while I cook dinner. Can you believe I WANT them to watch TV? It's especially important to have a few minutes to cook becuase we are now trying to eat dinner together when David is home, and by 6pm so they aren't chewing on my leg! We've been successful the last week or so. Also, on Saturday, I actually got ready while they watched Dora! 15 minutes of free time to shower and get dressed (David was traveling). It was almost liberating.

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