Friday, September 2, 2011

Grandpa and Grandma Debi Visit

Grandpa and Grandma Debi flew in from Fort Wayne, Indiana on Thursday night (midnight) and stayed through Monday afternoon. Friday we went to Old Town to feed the ducks, walk around and have lunch. Friday afternoon we hit a nearby water park, which was so fun I'd wished we'd spent all summer there. Saturday morning we went to the zoo and admired a baby gorilla and six lion cubs playing, then went out for Thai on our way home. Sunday we went to our neighbhorhood pool and grilled out there. Monday we went to the National Harbor to play and have lunch. In the evenings we fired up the fireplace, had smores, drank lots of wine. Good times. Plus, many of David's honey-do's were checked off the list with Grandpa's help. These are tiny pictures Debi sent from her iPhone.

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Grandpa Benson said...

Lots of activity for the GP's.
What a great visit we had and what gracious hosts your were! Thanks kids.