Sunday, September 18, 2011

Birthday Parties!

The girls went to two birthday parties -- one for Clay (3) and little sister Ellery (1) at a huge playground in McLean. The girls were so good about staying close! We played, rode the carousel, and joined in late for cake. The girls had fun, but didn't meet any new friends -- the park was sooo big they were too busy for idle chatter!

We rushed home for naps and then went to Chip's (2) birthday at a soft play room at a nearby rec center. All of their friends were there - Wyatt, Finn, Madeline, Chip, Kyra, Mackenzie. They had a great time.

They weren't interested in the cake at either party. They preferred muffins, fruit and bunny grahams. I'm kind of proud of that. Daddy left for California Sunday morning. No pictures were taken at either party. I was too busy making sure they weren't lost or making trip to the potty (both are going #1 and #2!!!).

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josiem said...

I have a couple pics of the girls from our party. Will send from my home computer this week.