Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Party

This week was a little busy. Every day I did something to prepare for the Halloween party I hosted for the girls' friends on Friday at 4pm. I made clementines with pumpkin faces; mummies (hotdogs wrapped in pastry dough); bone meringes; breadstick fingers with blood (marinara), popcorn balls; Halloween peep pretzel sticks; sandwiches shaped like bats, cats, ghosts, and pumpkins; and caramel apples. We had lots of crafts and our friend brought a moonbounce! At least 50 people came (about 35 kids!). It was so fun. Of course, I took very few pictures (I was a little busy). Daddy was out of town and missed the fun!

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Grandpa Benson said...

Look like that Flip works pretty good.