Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Night Dance Party

After dinner tonight, Evelyn and Sylvia decided they must have a dance party. They scurried downstairs for their favorite dance party accessories. Sylvia carried up a huge basket full of dresses, Evelyn grabbed her Rody horse and horn. Then, the fun began! They were decked to the nines and danced around. Note in one picture Sylvia had to stop to put on her party shoes (note, she walks around all day saying "I'm a princess"). Evelyn had to run upstairs to find "pup pup" and downstairs for baby Snow dare she party without them? You'll see in one video Evelyn was "feeding" her baby Snow White. She feeds them milk from her belly (she obviously sees my friends nurse their babies and she thinks they drink milk from their bellies since they are covered up and she's not totally sure what they are doing." She does this with a lot of her animals/babies. She likes being the "mommy."

They have really started to play amazingly with eachother and they are so cute imagining all the things they do! It's hilarious to watch.

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