Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where has March Gone? I will tell you!

We have been BUSY! Sorry no posts. Few things we've been up to:

1) Mommy and Daddy went to Aspen for 6 days/5 nights without the girls. They did great for Angela! We had a blast. 4 full days on the slopes, great hotel (St. Regis) and lots of fun.
2) Mommy completed another half marathon (while sick and in too hot heat!). Angela did it too, along with many other friends.
3) We have completed 2+ projects -- adding extensive moulding in the living room, family room, dining room, foyer and stairs; AND adding about 14 tress in the back yard shrubs and plants, moving plants around the frount (3+ days of work) and moving the sprinkler lines to accomodate the new plants. House and yard look beautiful.
4) Watching the girls play independently together so nicely for nearly 2 hours (this has been an ongoing trend lately and it's GREAT!). Further, when asking them if they wanted to watch their 1 show of the day or continue to play outside while Mommy went inside to make dinner, they chose staying outside. So, for about 20 minutes, they played nicely outside, by themselves (first time, huge deal!) before Daddy came home.
5) Enjoying LOTS of time outdoors, including all dinners on the new patio, lots and lots of outdoor play + the kiddie pool numerous times and will again today. This weather is unseasonably HOT HOT HOT!
6) Finishing dance and soccer classes, and starting swim class. The girls LOVE to put their faces fully in the water. Gymnastics starts next week!
7) Daddy taking his international trip with his new job to Belgium. We are all waiting for yummy chocolate upon return.
8) Second trip to the dentist with GREAT SUCCESS. They did great, sat in the chair all by themselves, had full exam and flouride treatment with NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER!
9) Starting to plan the girls THIRD BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! Will include petting zoo and pony rides!!! Grammommy and Gramps are coming to visit too!
10) Purchasing a new camera so no more video/camera excuses. I do have pictures to document almost all of these items. Stay tuned. Hope to get them up soon!

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