Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Birth Week Celebration

Drum Roll Please....Happy Birth Week, Evelyn and Sylvia! 

The birth week commences with lots of fun activities!  We started off their birth week on Sunday watching Lion King (a real treat for them as they've never seen it; Mommy thinks it's too scary, but the girls didn't seem to notice).  On Monday, we baked lemon cupcakes for the playgroup we were hosting on Tuesday.  On Wednesday they will go to another playgroup with more cupcakes and the best thing of all happens -- Grammommy & Gramps arrive from Indiana!!!  Mommy is off work Thursday and Friday (unfortunately Daddy is out of town until Friday night) to join them for gymnastics class on Thursday and then all the girls are going for pedicures (Angela, Grammommy, Mommy, Evelyn and Sylvia) after their nap.  For the first time EVER they will get their fingernails painted (huge deal!).  On Friday, it will be the Grandparent's special day with the girls to go to the playground and we will all probably out to dinner (they LOVE restaurants).  Finally, the week culminates with their birthday party!  A huge party of 61 people!  This includes 19 of their friends (how on earth did they acquire so many friends?) along with 29 adults and 9 siblings.  It's a barnyard theme on Romley Farm with pony rides and a petting zoo.  We will also have a bounce house, lots of food, delicious animal cupcakes and a barn cake, among other things.  Should be good fun!  Happy Birth Week my beautiful little girls. 

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