Thursday, December 20, 2012

Anxiously Awaiting Christmas & Upcoming Holiday Vacation

The girls tear off a piece of their construction paper chain every morning and count down the days to Christmas.  Along the way, the chains are marked with fun things, like holiday party playdates, songfest at school, arrival of Grammommy, Gramps and Grandpa.  They are so excited.  And, Mommy and Daddy are excited to be off work December 21st - January 2nd.  We will have lots of adult parties and fun with the kids!  Here's what we have going on the next few weeks.  So excited for Christmas!!!  Will resume blogging in the new year! 

Friday 12/21
Open presents with Angela
Grammommy and Gramps Arrive at 4pm

Saturday 12/22
Grandpa arrives around Noon
11:30 Christening and Reception at W Hotel for baby Mason
6pm Party with Hoeys (friends Parker and Avery)

Sunday  12/23
AM play at home / decorate cookies & make Christmas Even dinner lasagna
Leave 3pm Ice skating or Botanical Gardens (depending on weather)
6pm dinner @ Daily Grill
After dinner visit National Christmas Tree
On way home - David takes guys out for beers
Monday 12/24
10am - National Children's museum
Rest of day get ready for Santa

Tuesday 12/25 ~ Christmas
Open gifts, eat lots of food, drink lots of wine and enjoy family!

Wed 12/26 ~ Family Leave
Angela's back!
Mommy & Daddy adult time -- Dinner & Movie

Thursday 12/27
Adult Happy Hour

Friday 12/28
Take girls bowling

Saturday 12/29
8pm Adult cocktail party with friends

Sunday 12/30
Nothing planned -- woo hoo.  Probably some working out and movie watching

Monday 12/31
Christmas Eve party with friends + kids. 

Tuesday 1/1
No plans.  Rest, relax, recover, regroup for work week

Wednesday 1/2
Return to normal - boo hoo! 

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