Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bath Time -- Not So Fun Today

Bath time was great until the end. Daddy was away so it's always a little tricky making sure one stays in the tub while the other one is dried off and dressed. Sylvia has having such a good time in the tub so I decided to take Evelyn first. We sang songs, acted silly and then it was Sylvia's time to get out of the tub.
After she was all dry, I went to drain the water. I noted something strange in the tub. I went to grab it, but quickly realized I didn't want to touch it. Little Miss S went poopie in the tub!
I'm sure this happens to everyone's kids, but I totally wasn't expecting it. I thought it was sooo gross, but kind of funny at the same time. I quickly wondered how long it was there, did they need another bath, did they drink some of the water, will they be sick? Yes, I'm neurotic about a lot of things. This may have been a valid reason.

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