Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Evelyn's Potty Progress Report--Grade A+

Well, it's pretty amazing! Evelyn has only had a total of 3 accidents since we started training on Friday. No accidents since Sunday. She will tell us when she has to go. I also got a potty chair for when we are playing outside so Sylvia doesn't have to stop playing and go inside (and there's the safety factor of them playing alone in the pool!), and she's had no problem using it for #1 and #2. Evelyn is even waking up from naps DRY! I put her in a pullup instead of a nightdiaper last night and it was fine. No leaks, barely wet. The first thing she says in the morning is "go potty Mommy." She's going about every 2 hours during the day. I'm so proud of little Evelyn.

Sylvia is acting more interested and sat on the potty a few times. I'm not pushing her one bit. It's enough having to rush one child to the bathroom. I don't think I could do two.

I will continue to post progress reports.

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