Monday, May 16, 2011

Potty Training

Well, Mommy wasn't ready to potty train, but Evelyn was! Since Thursday, Evelyn has been consistently using the potty. This isn't Mommy putting her on the potty, this is Evelyn telling us she has to go and going! She does both #1 and #2. She had 2 accidents on Saturday (no diapers except nap and bedtime; we are actually using a pullup at naps and night diaper at of time she's in underware) and Sunday she had 1 accident. Pretty amazing. I will keep you posted on the week's success. I'm hoping she doesn't regress because she's been soooo into it. I call her my "pee pee, poo poo potty girl" ... she loves it. Here are a few pictures 1) Evelyn putting on her first pair of undies; 2) Evelyn in her potty dress (it was sooo cute and perfect height for her to pull up herself and get on the potty. She was also drinking lots of fluids, including the special treat of juice, to "make pee pee". I know there has to be a catch because this has been way too easy!

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