Monday, August 15, 2011

Potty Progess Report

Sylvia is doing GREAT with pee-pee training. She was awarded Dora underware and proudly wore them for 2 days (don't worry, they have 9 pairs). She tells us when she has to go and doesn't have accidents. We have the routine down when we are out. Pretty much when I have to go, I bring them to the potty with me. Girl #1 goes, the other stands by the door with their hands on their head (too much gross stuff to touch). Then girl #2 goes and the other stands at the doors. There's a lot of "don't touch that, put your hands on your head, that's yucky." Then, Mommy goes. We then wash hands (I have to pick each of them up, of course). It doesn't take too long. Besides touching things, the other thing that I have to watch out for is Evelyn peeking under nearby stalls. Some women are slightly amused and thing it's cute....others, not so much. I apologize and it's slightly embarrassing.

However, with all this success, Sylvia complains her "butt hurts." It's because she has to poop, but refuses to go (there's no diaper rash). She saves it up for naps, when she's in a pull up. Then she tells me her butt doesn't hurt anymore. Honestly, I think she's doing it while she sleeps because she wakes half into her nap crying to be changed. We'll work on it. I think we might put her in bed with her Dora underware and she if she keeps her clean. I really just want her to be grossed out enough not to do it. I doubt I will have a 3 year old pooping in her pants, so I'm not worried. She's mastered pee-pee, and I'm so proud of her. Her reward for having a big poopie on the potty is a half of an ice cream sandwich. She's very excited about that and often asks to see the sandwich in the freezer. She's never had one before, so it's new and exciting!

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